GenWATT has partnered with to power up their business with the GenWATT Solar Enery System.

GenWATT will design, deliver, install, commission and turnover their GenWATT system to power their store and inventory warehouse.

This is another step towards empowering our SMEs who are burdened by high electricity prices.

By producing their own renewable electricity on site, they will reduce their cost and improve their profitability.

And with their GenWATT Independent Renewable Energy Business (iREB), they can offer the GenWATT Solutions to their dealers and customers. A deal made in heaven.

If you have a home based or small business, talk to our Enerpreneurs. They will gladly help you reduce your cost and earn in the renewable energy industry through GenWATT, and without shelling out cash. That’s the commitment of GenWATT, Democratizing Energy, Empowering People.




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